Dreaming Out Loud 2007


OneRepublic may just be the quintessential 21st-century pop group. The L.A.-via-Colorado band was one of the first artists to prove the power of social media—and also one of the first to launch a career off of a hit remix. Fronted by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Tedder, the quintet was ready to unveil its debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, in 2006, when Columbia Records unexpectedly dropped the band. But thanks to a major boost on Myspace, where it had been occupying the platform’s Top Artists list for nearly two years, OneRepublic gained another life. And the band would soon strike gold thanks to a key connection from the past—producer Timbaland, who discovered the young Tedder on an MTV talent show in 2000.

By the time Dreaming Out Loud finally dropped in 2007 (on Timbaland’s Interscope imprint, Mosley Music), OneRepublic had already flown up the charts with the producer’s beat-powered remix of “Apologize,” first featured on his album Shock Value. Timbaland’s version is more stripped-down than the original, which boasts luxurious strings and a sleeker climactic climb—key components of OneRepublic’s sound. Tedder, who was already a seasoned pop songwriter and producer for artists like Hilary Duff and Leona Lewis, is a natural melody weaver, letting his boyish croons soothe and soar through the band’s lush mix of piano, guitar, and strings. The group goes heaviest on sturdy rock anthems such as “Mercy” and “Stop and Stare,” but it pulls just as hard at the heartstrings when slowing down on poignant ballads like “Goodbye, Apathy” and “Come Home.”

Jam-packed with skyscraping hooks and rousing romantic pleas, Dreaming Out Loud is the sound of OneRepublic mastering pace, tone, and texture for maximum dramatic effect. Unsurprisingly, several tracks here made their way onto TV and film soundtracks as well as the charts. But the band had many more tricks up its sleeve—as was soon to be revealed.

Waking Up 2009


Still riding high off the success of its smash 2007 debut, Dreaming Out Loud, OneRepublic released its playfully diverse 2009 follow-up. A lot had happened in the two years between albums. Most notably, the band scored two massive international hits with “Apologize” and “Stop and Stare,” but its members were already anxious to show off another side (or two). For the aptly titled Waking Up, the members break out of the melancholic dream state of their debut to let loose—and show a little attitude, too.

“Can you feel all the love like it was made for you?,” vocalist Ryan Tedder croons with a hint of snark on chamber-pop opener “Made for You,” which haunts with big beats and piano filigree before an angelic children’s choir pops up in the end. The track bleeds into “All the Right Moves,” the buoyant hit single that claps back at anyone claiming the band has “all the right friends in all the right places.” This defiance, heightened by a heavy rhythmic focus, fuels much of Waking Up—a significant difference from the sweeping balladry that dominates Dreaming Out Loud. You can hear it in percussionist Eddie Fisher’s hefty wallops on the fist-pumping “Marchin On,” in the plunky marimba on “Missing Persons 1 & 2,” and in Tedder’s vocals, which quicken to a rapper’s cadence on the funky groover “Everybody Loves Me” and the Bach-sampling anthem “Secrets,” in which he pokes a little fun at himself: “When a situation rises, just write it into an album,” he spits out. “Send it straight to gold, but I don’t really like my flow, no.”

While the band saves its most ambitious moves for the title track—part U2-level stadium rock, part gorgeous orchestral elegy—it stirs up just as much excitement with breezy sing-alongs like “Good Life,” whose unbridled optimism hints at OneRepublic’s next album, 2013’s shoot-for-the-stars juggernaut Native.

Native 2013


OneRepublic has never been shy about its ambitions nor its perfectionist tendencies. Before committing to the release of album number three, the band posted that “it has to literally be the best thing we’ve ever done.” Those are especially big words for a Grammy-nominated group with half a dozen hit singles under its belt and a frontman who co-wrote and co-produced Beyoncé’s “Halo,” Adele’s “Rumour Has It,” and many other pop-chart standouts. At this point, the trickiest thing for Ryan Tedder to juggle was the songs for others vs. the songs for his own band. But on 2013’s Native, his stratospheric vision for OneRepublic is abundantly clear: to be a source of entertainment and the pure celebration of life.

An extension of the band’s breezy 2009 hit “Good Life,” Native packages unbridled optimism in stratospheric pop-rock, impeccably polished with shimmering keyboards and topped with life-affirming gospel rave-ups. The big twist here is in the lyrics—many of which view life in the face of death. “I had a dream the other night about how we only get one life,” Tedder intones in a lullaby-like croon on “Something I Need,” before the song builds into a swelling, swaying sing-along: “If we only die once, I wanna die with you,” a choir pipes in. This romanticism pops up throughout the album. On the EDM-pumped “If I Lose Myself,” he repeats a similar mantra: “If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side.”

Such grand statements come with even grander arrangements. The band deftly moves between churning alt-rock (“Light It Up”), skyscraping electro-soul (“Can’t Stop”), stomping folk-pop (“Counting Stars”), and a little bit of all of it for the triumphant “I Lived,” the ultimate anthem for living every day like it’s the last.

Oh My My 2016



A decade previous, after OneRepublic broke out with the Timbaland-assisted power ballad “Apologize,” few may have guessed that the band could get so groovy, funky, and frisky. Even fewer may have predicted a Peter Gabriel collaboration. But anyone paying attention to the hitmakers’ trajectory could see that the Colorado pop-rockers certainly had it in them. With each successive album, OneRepublic was getting more comfortable breaking its own rules—as long as there was always a sticky hook behind the madness. Its fourth album brings together a wild mix of sounds, wraps it all in the band’s widescreen intensity, and lets it loose on the dance floor.

Similarly to its previous three albums, 2016’s Oh My My kicks off with a boisterous banger. “Let’s Hurt Tonight” builds dramatically around frontman Ryan Tedder’s voice, which somehow sounds bigger than ever as he sings about love equating to pain, one of several dichotomies that threads the album together. Another is the past and the future—the former encapsulated in nostalgic electro-pop on “Kids” and the latter in Coldplay-esque rapture on “Future Looks Good.”

But the central theme, man vs. machine, reveals itself most potently on the hip-shaking hit single “Wherever I Go”—“I feel alive when I’m close to the madness” may just be one of Tedder’s great lines—and in a few of the album’s surprise collaborations. Prog-rock icon Gabriel shows up on the propulsive synth-funk throwback “A.I.,” adding a deep sense of what may be either doom or delight: “It’s all too real,” he sings, “you make everything inside me feel.” Elsewhere, the band channels unfiltered euphoria with the help of French house duo Cassius on the thrilling robo-dance-punk title track.

Through it all, though, the human remains victorious, and OneRepublic has never sounded so tenderly romantic as it does alongside The xx’s Romy Madley Croft, who puts her dreamy six-string spell on the ethereal beauty “Fingertips.”

Human 2021


OneRepulic 想要通过《Human》这张专辑传达生而为人的种种感受——对于他人和生活的“爱”,内省过后产生的“恐惧”,以及由此而生的“希望”——主唱与创作核心 Ryan Tedder 用这样三个简单而隽永的关键词形容着新专辑《Human》的意涵。在首发单曲《Rescue Me》中,声声重复的“你会拯救我吗?”(Would you rescue me?)以及一系列反问句清晰昭示了主题。

在上张专辑《Oh My My》长达九个月的巡演征途后,OneRepulic 进入了漫长“假期”。为 Ed Sheeran、Camilia Cabello、Shawn Mendes、LANY 等众多歌手写歌的 Tedder,在乐队的积累期中同样陪伴了家人,并忙碌于为他人创作。要说这张专辑诞生的有些坎坷并不为过:为了品质更好,并且在专辑收尾前再多加一首歌,发片一直被推迟。但等到一切就绪,乐队也遭遇了疫情在全球肆虐,计划再次被搁浅。如今第五张专辑终于发行,它对乐迷和乐队成员无疑都有着一份特别的意义,一口气释放出这只乐队昔日汇聚的能量——Tedder 表示,借这张作品,乐队开启了全新的篇章。

尽管《Human》并未延续《Oh My My》极具实验色彩的风格,选择回归感性路线,但自上张专辑就开始出现的大量电子声响还是让《Human》变得“复古又新潮”。Dance-Pop 风格的《Run》的灵感正是来源于 Tedder 跑步的体会,轻盈的口哨声一路带领这首歌向前奔跑,歌词“也许有天天空会坍塌/也许有天我会一无所有/所以我会一直奔跑直到撞上那面墙”(They tell you that the sky might fall/They’ll say that you might lose it all/so I run until I hit that wall)中的不屈服,也让人想起他们的旧日名作《Counting Stars》。在普吉岛和曼谷创作的《Someday》前后制作了 30 个版本,乐队最终选择了清新民谣吉他主导的版本,并逐渐加入合成器与钢琴元素。这首歌仿佛象征未来某一天的明朗时刻,和另一首《Better Days》一起,为疫情生活影响下的乐迷带去希望讯息。

在流行摇滚的框架下兼容并蓄是 OneRepublic 音乐给人的感觉,这张专辑也不例外。《Distance》《Take Care of You》都使用了 EDM 元素,《Wanted》和《Ships + Tides》中保留了乐迷熟悉的弦乐和钢琴,营造出宏大氛围。OneRepublic 知道如何打动人心:在全球遭逢困顿的时刻,歌颂生命、精神、自由都显得弥足珍贵。身为人类的我们,在意识到生命脆弱之时,能够继续追逐什么,又为什么奔跑?或许可以在《Human》当中找找共鸣和答案。

After experimenting with their sound on 2016’s Oh My My, Ryan Tedder and his crew have returned to their roots in what Tedder calls their “most OneRepublic album” to date. “We wanted to make something where it’s like, all right, if you’ve been with us at all going back to ’07, ’08, if you’ve liked anything we’ve done, this kind of encapsulates that,” Tedder tells Apple Music. “It’s a summary of all four previous albums.” Songs like “Run” and “Didn’t I” evoke some of the band’s classic sounds as flourishes like whistles and orchestral strings are designed to remind you of some of their biggest hits.
Key to Tedder’s objective is writing pop songs that are relatable. ”I’m trying to strike a nerve, and at least somebody walks away with one or two records where they’re like, ‘Wow, that song just read my mail.’”
“For the people who’ve ever liked our sound, they’re going to find stuff on this album that’s going to connect with them sonically. And then I think we have to evolve.” Read more about how some of the key tracks on OneRepublic’s latest release came to be below.

Take Care of You
“I love the melody. I love the lyric so much. I just liked the idea of ‘I take care of you, you take care of me.’ And especially during the pandemic—I wrote this in the peak of the pandemic last summer. And it just felt like a very, I don’t know, topical song.”

Forgot About You
“This is a rare instance where I was really irritated with somebody, another person in the music industry, who was threatening to sue me over the absolute most inane, outrageously ridiculous claim on Earth. I said, ‘Man, I forgot he existed until this email.’ I’ve never actually written a kiss-off record, just like literally, ‘Bye.’ And that’s what it is. It is what it sounds like.”

Better Days
“This was written at the beginning of the pandemic. We had the chorus almost finished, I went to Europe and when I got back the whole world changed overnight. I was just so distraught that I was like, ‘Guys, let’s write this, finish this song now, record it, and post it on Instagram,’ which I never do. Then the CEO of Fiat Chrysler and a ton of diffrent car companies hits me up, saying they want to use ‘Better Days’ for their entire spring campaign. Then NBC calls, then NFL, ESPN. The next few months it was just the theme that all these companies were using for COVID, which is weird. This whole album was written for the most part in a pandemic, but that’s the only song that actually addresses it and you can tell that we were in the middle of it.”

Wild Life
“Very, very OneRepublic, like an old-school OneRepublic song. I got hit by a bunch of songwriters that were OneRepublic fans growing up, and when ‘Wild Life’ came out they’re like, ‘Man, this is my favorite type of song that you guys do better than anybody,’ because it’s very much intrinsic to our sound, not a radio single, not a single, but just a beautiful record that I love.”

Ships + Tides
“This was the oldest song that was written on tour while we were touring on [2013’s] Native, believe it or not. We started that song in Switzerland. I remember where we were. And we tinkered around with it for years, could never figure out how to finish it, and then we finally did. We wanted this beautiful serenity and orchestral movement. And in the past we’ve done those types of things on albums a lot. We wanted to go out on something extremely musical and kind of cinematic.”

Artificial Paradise 2024


2024 年全球最热的话题一定少不了“人工智能”,而 OneRepublic 携第六张录音室专辑《Artificial Paradise》更进一步:人造的天堂会是什么样子?不过从音乐角度看,这个问题倒是很容易回答:这支由金牌词曲作者 Ryan Tedder 领衔的美国流行乐队早已深谙成功之道,这一次,他们再次以蓬勃的情感与活力的动人旋律给人留下深刻印象。

我们可以在《I Ain’t Worried》中听到乐观的姿态,也可以找到与 Meduza 和 Leony 合作的《Fire》——如果你是一个足球迷,相信这首歌会是你的 2024 年回忆的组成部分。与此同时,David Guetta 这位久负盛名的 DJ 也为《I Don’t Wanna Wait》带来了优雅但热情的舞曲节拍,副歌旋律甚至让人不禁想起郭美美那首俏皮的《不怕不怕》。这张专辑听毕,至少我们可以清楚地知道 OneRepublic 的“人工乐园”听起来会是什么样子:无忧无虑、充满活力、甜甜蜜蜜。

One of the biggest hitmakers of the 21st century turns focus back to his day job.


OneRepublic(共和时代),美国流行摇滚乐队,2002年组建于美国科罗拉多州科罗拉多斯普林斯,由主唱瑞恩·泰德、吉他手扎克·费尔肯斯、德鲁·布朗、贝斯手布伦特·库泽、鼓手艾迪·费雪以及键盘手布赖恩·威利特(Brian Willett)组成。
2006年,在社交网站上发布首支单曲《Apologize》,并因此受到关注。2007年,发行首张录音室专辑《Dreaming Out Loud》 ;同年,《Apologize》在美国公告牌百强单曲榜取得了亚军。2008年,获得MTV欧洲音乐奖最佳新人奖提名。2009年,凭借《Apologize》提名第51届格莱美奖最佳流行组合演唱奖 ;同年,发行第二张录音室专辑《Waking Up》。2013年,推出第三张录音室专辑《Native》,专辑内的单曲《Counting Stars》在全球54个国家音乐排行榜登顶。2016年,发行第四张录音室专辑《Oh My My》。2021年,推出第五张录音室专辑《Human》。2024年,获得iHeartRadio音乐奖年度组合/团体。

代表作品:Apologize、Counting Stars、Stop And Stare、Kids、Secrets、Good Life、Let’s Hurt Tonight




2006年,OneRepublic开始通过Myspace上传音乐作品 ;4月,发布首支单曲《Apologize》,并因此受到关注。
2007年,Timbaland将OneRepublic签入了自己的Mosley音乐集团,并帮助他们制作了专辑;10月18日,发行首张录音室专辑《Dreaming Out Loud》 ;该专辑收录了《Mercy》《Goodbye Apathy》等13首歌曲,首周卖出了7万5千张 ;10月,与Timbaland合作的混音版单曲《Apologize》正式发行,该曲取得了欧洲15个国家单曲榜的冠军 ,在美国公告牌百强单曲榜取得了亚军 ;该曲让乐队获得了MTV亚洲大奖最佳组合歌手奖 ,提名了第51届格莱美奖最佳流行组合演唱奖。
2008年,乐队开启了他们的首次巡回演唱会“Tag This Tour”;3月,《Stop And Stare》作为单曲正式在英国发行,该曲在英国流行音乐单曲榜最高取得了第四名 ;11月6日,获得MTV欧洲音乐奖最佳新人奖提名。
2009年,第二张录音室专辑《Waking Up》发行,该专辑的首周销量为3万9千张 ;专辑内的单曲《Secrets》被选作电影《魔法师的学徒》的主题曲。2010年,OneRepublic担任了魔力红“Hands All Over Tour”的巡演暖场嘉宾 ;11月,流行摇滚风格单曲《Good Life》作为单曲发行,该曲在美国公告牌百强单曲榜排到了第八名 ,入围了第13届青少年选择奖最佳摇滚歌曲奖 ;同年,OneRepublic开始了为期两年的“Good Life Tour”巡演。
2011年5月,担任公告牌音乐奖颁奖典礼的表演嘉宾 ;11月14日,发行圣诞歌曲《Christmas Without You》;11月20日,入围第39届全美音乐奖最受欢迎流行/摇滚乐队奖 ,并担任了该颁奖典礼的表演嘉宾。
2012年8月,《Feel Again》作为第三张录音室专辑的首发单曲发行。2013年1月,结合了电子音乐元素的单曲《If I Lose Myself》正式发行,乐队还在之后推出了与艾利索的合作混音版本,该版本提名了第56届格莱美奖最佳非古典混音录制奖(OneRepublic不参与该奖项的共享) ;3月26日,第三张录音室专辑《Native》正式发行,该专辑以6万张的首周销量取得了公告牌专辑榜的第四名 ;4月2日,在意大利米兰拉开了“原始天性”世界巡回演唱会的序幕;6月14日,OneRepublic推出了单曲《Counting Stars》,该曲在全球54个国家音乐排行榜登顶 ,取得了公告牌百强单曲榜的亚军 ,还于2018年被获得美国唱片业协会(RIAA)钻石销量(1000万份)认证 ;11月,“原始天性”世界巡回演唱会抵达中国,分别在上海和北京举办了他们的第一次中国巡演。
2014年1月,OneRepublic获得了第40届人民选择奖最受欢迎乐队奖提名 ;4月14日,发行流行摇滚单曲《Love Runs Out》,该曲取得了英国流行音乐单曲榜的季军 ;5月18日,第21届公告牌音乐奖公布,OneRepublic获得了包括里程碑大奖在内的三个奖项提名 ,并开场表演了歌曲《Counting Stars》 ;10月,第42届全美音乐奖提名揭晓,OneRepublic入围了最受欢迎流行/摇滚乐队奖、最受欢迎成人时代艺人奖。
2015年2月28日,提名第28届美国儿童选择奖最受欢迎乐队组合奖 ;9月9日,作为现场表演嘉宾参加2015苹果秋季新品发布会,演唱了《Counting Stars》《I Lived》《Good Life》三首歌曲。
2016年6月24日,参加在菲律宾举办的MTV MUSIC EVOLUTION音乐节,他们的表演被MTV欧洲音乐奖最佳世界舞台奖提名;10月7日,发行第四张录音室专辑《Oh My My》,该专辑以4万6千张的首周销量取得公告牌专辑榜季军 ,收录了《Wherever I Go》《Future Looks Good》《Kids》等曲目 ,其中《Let’s Hurt Tonight》 被选作电影《附属美丽》主题曲 ;11月11日,担任2016天猫双11狂欢夜的现场表演嘉宾 ;11月27日,登上第104届CFL格雷杯中场秀。
2017年4月28日,推出Dancehall风格单曲《No Vacancy》;6月,推出为纪录片《不可忽视的真相2》献唱的主题曲《Truth to Power》 ;7月7日,开启了“16th Annual Honda Civic Tour”世界巡回演唱会,该巡演于9月27日登陆上海梅赛德斯-奔驰文化中心 ;7月14日,与挪威电子音乐人SeeB合作的热带浩室风格单曲《Rich Love》正式上线 ;11月29日,为竞速赛车类游戏《极品飞车ONLINE》献唱的主题曲《Born To Race》(生而竞速)在中国首发。
2018年1月21日,与挪威电子音乐人Kygo合作的单曲《Stranger Things》发行;5月15日,发行与美国说唱歌手Logic共同演唱的歌曲《Start Again》,作为电视剧《十三个原因第二季》的原声专辑曲目 ;同年,担任了美国乡村音乐组合Zac Brown Band的巡演暖场嘉宾。2019年1月,与美国电音组合Galantis合作的单曲《Bones》上线。
2021年8月27日,发行第五张录音室专辑《Human》,收录了《Rescue Me》《Run》《Someday》等16首歌曲 ;11月1日,为动画电影《大红狗克里弗》演唱的主题曲《Sunshine》上线。
2022年2月25日,发行单曲《West Coast》 ;4月1日,与舞曲制作人Gryffin合作的单曲《You Were Loved》上线 ;5月13日,为动作电影《壮志凌云2:独行侠》现场的原生单曲《I Ain’t Worried》上线 ,该曲提名了第43届全英音乐奖最佳国际歌曲。
2023年5月26日,发行单曲《RUNAWAY》 ;9月22日,为游戏《刺客信条:幻景》演唱的宣传曲《Mirage》上线 ;10月20日,发行爵士风格圣诞单曲《Dear Santa》。
2024年1月,在上海、成都、广州举办虚幻乐园巡演(Artificial Paradise Tour);4月1日,获得iHeartRadio音乐奖年度组合/团体 ;4月5日,与大卫·库塔合作的单曲《I Don’t Wanna Wait》上线。


一体共和(英语:OneRepublic)是一支美国摇滚乐队, 于2003年在美国科罗拉多州科罗拉多泉成立。2007年由提姆巴兰混音制作的首张单曲——《道歉》(Apologize),在《公告牌》排行榜Top 5停留了五周,并晋升至亚军的位置。在2007年底发行了首张专辑——《勇敢梦》,在美国也已卖出金唱片的成绩,2016在环球音乐旗下Interscope厂牌发行最新专辑《Oh My My》。目前乐队名称没有官方中文译名,较广泛的翻译为共和世代、一体共和。




2002年时,瑞恩和在芝加哥当模特儿的查克(Zach)再次联络,并说服查克迁到洛杉矶,跟莱恩一起组乐团。九个月后,乐团与哥伦比亚唱片签了合约,并找了鼓手艾迪·费舍尔(Eddie Fisher)、吉他手德鲁·布朗(Drew Brown)及贝斯手提姆·梅尔斯(Tim Myers),组成共和时代(OneRepublic)。

他们用了两年半在录音室录了一只专辑(由 《Sleep》作第一只单曲)。2006年时,就在专辑发行前,哥伦比亚唱片跟他们解约。乐团因此音乐放上Myspace音乐网站就轰动了网络世界,也使得他们成为该网站非常受欢迎的未签约团体,让他们一时成为站上最出名的乐团。很快地,唱片公司又来敲门了,其中也包括提姆巴兰与他的莫斯利音乐集团(Mosley Music Group)。

提姆巴兰是最清楚莱恩的才华以及一体共和潜力的人,所以当他将一体共和带进莫斯利音乐集团,成为旗下第一组摇滚乐团,并担任首张专辑《勇敢梦》的执行制作时,一切都变得再完美不过了。2007年初,他们在Myspace网站的点阅率超过了两千两百万次,也从2006年就占据该网站最受欢迎排行榜就此盘踞不下。在2007年,电吉他手-提姆·梅尔斯离开了乐团,由身兼大提琴手及电贝斯手布伦特·库泽(Brent Kutzle)代替,为乐团带来大转变。


2007年秋天提姆巴兰将《道歉》这首由乐团主音莱恩作曲及填词的单曲重新混音过(该版本与原版都收录在《勇敢梦》当中)并收录在他的三次白金(出售量多于三百万)专辑《超级惊选》(Timbaland Presents: Shock Value)中, 全球售出五百万多张,造成大轰动。在2007年11月《道歉》成为在英置单曲排行榜上排第三。另外在美国成为电台最高播放率的歌,一星期约有10,331次。另外,《道歉》的高播放率的位置维持了5个月后,这个纪录被同是乐团主唱所写及制作的《Bleeding Love》打破。

2007年11月20日,他们的首张专辑《勇敢梦》在美国发售。在2008年初,此专辑世界性地发售。五天内,他们的专辑出售量达到822,458张,国际总销售量为1.7百万张。他们的第2首单曲,《伫足凝视》 ,全球售出超过2百万张。他们的第3首单曲《就要(我说的)》(Say (All I Need)),在英国及美国出售。在2008年9月,乐团推出了第4首单曲《慈悲天使》(Mercy)。

2007年8月,乐团在福克斯广播公司的节目,舞林争霸的现场献唱 《道歉》(Apologise)。2008年时,乐团跟魔力红及布蓝迪·卡里尔(Brandi Carlile)一起巡回演唱。 在2008年5月21日,乐团在美国偶像第七季的决赛,跟决赛者大卫·阿楚雷塔一起合唱《道歉》(Apologise)。在2008年6月25日,乐团在马耳他参与了Isle MTV 2008的表演。在2008年8月,乐团在马来西亚的2008年MTV亚洲大奖现场献唱《道歉》及《伫足凝视》,同时借着《道歉》(Apologise)与提姆巴兰一起赢得了最具合作团体歌手奖(Best Hook Up Award)。


2008年9月24日,乐团在英国伦敦的一场演唱会中表示,他们正在录新专辑,预计在2009年的夏季发售。乐团亦曾于不同演唱会演唱了新歌《正确行动》(All The Right Moves)。此外,乐团表示会在2009年的前半年,回到丹佛完成新专辑,而起初专辑的名字被误以为是《今日》(Today)。



一体共和更与里欧娜合作一首歌,《失而复得》(Lost Then Found),收录在里欧娜的第二张专辑《回音》里。


2012年2月4日,一体共和通过推特宣布其第三张录音室专辑定于2012年秋季发行。8月,新单曲《再次心动》(Feel Again)发行。9月,乐队公布了专辑名称《原始天性》。之后专辑发行延迟到2013年3月。专辑得到乐评界大量好评,包括横扫传唱全球的主打(Counting Stars)。2016年10月7日在环球音乐旗下发行第四张录音室专辑《Oh My My》空降公告牌Billboard 200专辑榜季军,拿下生涯最佳首周销量,主打单曲(Wherever I Go)及(Kids)数位串流皆在全球达到破亿点播次数,抒情歌曲(Let’s Hurt Tonight)成为电影【最美的安排】主题曲。2017年7月展开与Honda全球合作巡回-Honda Civic Tour OneRepublic。2017年9月17日首度在台北南港C3 中信金融园区开唱。


2022年5月 随着《捍卫战士:独行侠》上映 演唱当中插曲《无忧无虑》 Youtube突破一亿次点击。

2023年3月5日 首度登上台北小巨蛋 并演唱未公开曲目(RUNAWAY)。


  • 莱恩·泰德(Ryan Tedder):主唱、吉他、电贝斯、钢琴、钟琴、爵士鼓(2002年至今)
  • 查克·费尔金斯(Zach Filkins):吉他、和声、中提琴(2002年至今)
  • 德鲁·布朗(Drew Brown):吉他、电贝斯、钟琴、小提琴(2002年至今)
  • 艾迪·费雪(Eddie Fisher):爵士鼓、打击乐器(2005年至今)
  • 布伦特·库泽(Brent Kutzle):电贝斯、键盘乐器、大提琴、和声(2007年至今)
  • 布莱恩·维列特 (Brian Willett):键盘乐器、 合成器 、打击乐器、和声(2012年至今)
  • 杰罗·贝提斯(Jerrod Bettis):爵士鼓(2002年至2005年)
  • 提姆·梅尔斯(Tim Myers):电贝斯(2004年至2007年)

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